Asbestos gelo … Laugh! Tango on!

Asbestos gelos: Greek. Fireproof laughter. Invincible laughter. Laughter that is impossible to extinguish. Unquenchable laughter. Laughter of the gods.
There’s something about laughter that I just love! I haven’t done a great deal of research on it yet but here’s what I have learned about laughter and tango:
–It is contagious.
–It relieves stress.
–It puts people at ease.
–It fortifies relationships.
–It distracts from insecurities.
–It keeps things in perspective.
–And, I think, it is conducive to the learning process.
So let go. And laugh! Especially in an embrace with someone and a mistake is made. Or a step is goofed. Laugh! Tango on! You have the opportunity to still create something of value.
“He who laughs, lasts.”
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