Mike’s Journey

Mike was ‘elected’ to learn to dance and participate in St. Mary Magdalen’s “Dancing with the Stars”.

The entries herein document his journey.

“Don’t be fussy, vote for Hussey!” This is the slogan that helped Mike Hussey claim victory as a people’s choice entrant in Dancing with the SMM Stars. Now the real work begins— leaning to dance and making some money.

On the dance front, Mike boasts years of party dancing experience. On the fundraising front, Team Hussey is assembled and ready to go. “I am up for the challenge and will involve supporters from all over the U.S.A.,” says this father of three. And if you’ve ever seen Mike and his wife, Margaret, work a room, you believe him!

Mike will dance with Lori Coyle. Lori is a skilled teacher with over 20 years of dance experience. She owns Sangha Space (www.sanghaspace.com), which she created to bring the “joyful, fascinating experience” of Argentine Tango dancing to Media.  Lori has been dancing Argentine Tango for over seven years and brings the love of movement and connection to every dance.

                                                                     from St Mary Magdalen’s Meet the Stars

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